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Bond Sew Easy

The Bond Sew Easy

Bond Knitting Systems Ltd unveiled the Bond Sew Easy in late 1989. It's a very useful accessory for both Bond knitters and hand-knitters.

The Bond Sew Easy was designed to help create neat and invisible seams when sewing-up and make sewing up less of a chore.

The Sew Easy is small, lightweight and can be used on a table or on your lap. It consists of a base into which special plastic pegs are inserted. The pegs enable two sections of knitting to be lined up and matched with precision. Once the sections are pegged and matched, the seam is hand sewn in the usual way. Pegging the knitting also helps prevent curling which makes it easier to see where to sew.

Though no longer manufactured, a second-hand Sew Easy can sometimes be found on eBay

The Bond Sew Easy:

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The Bond Sew Easy is made of sturdy plastic and comes with an easy to follow guide to sewing up. It includes two removable accessory drawers which contain 26 plastic pegs, 4 seam clips, two needles and a needle threader.

The Bond Sew Easy - drawer contents

The two drawers containing the pegs etc. are opened by turning over the Sew Easy and pushing with the thumb through the circular holes:

The Bond Sew Easy - how to open the drawers

The reverse of the Bond Sew Easy box gives a good idea of what this knitting accessory consists of and how it works:

The Bond Sew Easy - box reverse with illustrations

The Sew Easy comes with a well-illustrated, easy to follow guide booklet which includes instructions for three different methods of sewing up i.e. blind stitch, back stitch and grafting.

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